Hunt for the Troll

– Included in the Crime Fiction Lover list of “Ten to Taste in 2015.”

– “It’s a masterful novel, an excellent foray into urban fantasy, and a damn good read.” –Red Boots & Odd Socks

– “Mark Richardson’s Hunt for the Troll (New Pulp Press) is a step up from ordinary pulp. It’s what happens to San Francisco noir when the shiny new promise of Silicon Valley comes to town, pushing back the fog to play some light in the corners.” –Ben East

– “What I expected to be a tech centered mystery turned out to be a combination of mystery with added ingredients of pulp, modern fairytale, and urban fantasy with a steam punk edge. This novel certainly took me out my comfort zone and I’m more than grateful for the journey.” —Escaping to a Book

– “I highly recommend Mark Richardson’s Hunt for the Troll and it will be an experience and adventure that I won’t soon forget!” —Touch My Spine Book Reviews

Hunt for the Troll“Mark Richardson’s impressive debut novel, Hunt for the Troll, is a wonderful hybrid of high-tech noir and Murakami-like magical realism.” —Al Riske, writer of Precarious, Sabrina’s Window, and The Possibility of Snow